​​The Leaves Are Everywhere!!! 

A couple things to know this season about leaves and companies that clean them.

  Leaves can and will damage a lawn. Don't waste all the hard work you did in the fall overseeding
your lawn by allowing your leaves to pile up and smother the new grass. The two most common
ways people deal with their leaves is by mulching or removing. How you deal with them varies on
your personal preference. Benefits of mulching are that the decomposition will add nutrients to
the lawn. However, this can leave your lawn looking a bit dirty. You can have them removed for a
much cleaner look. Which seems to be the most preferred way

When it comes to the removal process there are few ways to accomplish this task. You can put
leaves in the woodline around your property to let them slowly decompose. This will help to keep
weeds and underbrush like honeysuckle from growing as the leaves act as a natural weed barrier.
Some people put their leaves in the creeks next to their property for the rain to wash downstream. This may be illegal according to local ordinances/regulations and may result in a fine. There is the burning method which is fine for rural areas, but not within city limits. 

  When Considering a professional to remove the leaves.  You do have some options depending on whether you decide to keep your leaves or have them hauled away. It is most cost-efficient to have them left onsite when dealing with an hourly contractor. Some will bid you a flat rate to clean your lawn which is usually a sign of a newer company. Most companies charge an hourly rate because you will have different conditions (a lot of acorns, tall grass, etc...) and amount of volume each visit. Just because a companies rate is higher than the another does not mean you will get a better deal from a cheaper provider. A companies equipment and experience vary which is why they charge different hourly rates. The best way to determine a company is by its reviews.  

  If you enjoy doing your own leaves, we can pick them up curbside for you. This can be cheaper than bagging it yourself. Before removing your leaves it is also a good idea to remove debris from the roof and gutters.

​​ Mulched Leaves on lawn

Leaves Can Be A Chore We Make It Easy!!!

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